Terms of Membership

In return for permission to participate or observe any of the activities or events of the ‘West Seattle Sportsmen Club’ (WSSC) including but not limited to fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, firearm competition or training, hunter safety training, volunteer actives, community events, the consumption of food or alcohol, operating or as a passage of a motorized vehicle or vessel and understanding the inherent risk and danger of such activities, I agree to assume all risks of personal injury and property damage to myself or any family members or guests that I invite to participate or observe such activities or events. In addition, I, my family members or guests hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the WSSC, its officers, trustees, board members, officials, employees, members and other participants from any and all faults, liabilities, claims, damages or actions arising as a result of their actions or my participation in any WSSC activities or events.

I also consent to the use and release of any video, photographs or copies in which I, my family members or guests appears in WSSC activities or events and waive the right to any compensation. WSSC may use these images for news releases, promotions, stock or trade.

I grant this release, wavier, indemnification, hold harmless and assumption of risks on a continuing basis regardless of my membership status or until such time it is revoked by me with a written notice addressed and delivered by US Mail service to the current President or Secretary of the WSSC.

I acknowledge and understand that I am waiving certain rights and assuming certain responsibilities for myself and others as a condition to my membership in the WSSC.

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